U.S. manufacturing community remains steady in January

The index that measures U.S. manufacturing activity inched up from December 2011 to January 2012, registering 54.1 percent.

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM, Tempe, Ariz., USA) on Feb. 1 reported that economic activity in the U.S. manufacturing sector expanded in January 2012 for the 30th consecutive month, and the overall economy grew for the 32nd consecutive month. ISM's Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) registered 54.1 percent, following a December value of 53.9 percent. A reading of more than 50 percent indicates that the manufacturing economy is generally expanding; less than 50 percent indicates that it is generally contracting.

The report was issued by Bradley J. Holcomb, CPSM, CPSD, chair of the Institute for Supply Management Manufacturing Business Survey Committee. “The PMI registered 54.1 percent, an increase of 1 percentage point from December’s seasonally adjusted reading of 53.1 percent, indicating expansion in the manufacturing sector for the 30th consecutive month. The New Orders Index increased 2.8 percentage points from December’s seasonally adjusted reading to 57.6 percent, reflecting the 33rd consecutive month of growth in new orders. Prices of raw materials increased for the first time in the last four months. Manufacturing is starting out the year on a positive note, with new orders, production and employment all growing in January.”

  • January 2012: 54.1
  • December 2011: 53.9
  • November 2011: 52.7
  • October 2011: 50.8
  • September 2011: 51.6
  • August 2011: 50.6
  • July 2011: 50.9
  • June 2011: 55.3
  • May 2011: 53.5
  • April 2011: 60.4
  • March 2011: 61.2
  • February 2011: 61.4