Tricel Group creates Tricel Composites for distribution

Ireland-based Tricel is reorganizing it composites and lubricants distribution business under the new name of Tricel Composites.

The Tricel Group (Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland) announced on Sept. 9 that the distribution of composite materials will come under the new name of Tricel Composites. The existing distribution companies of Glasplies Ltd. and Fiberglass Supplies (Leeds) Ltd. will merge and be known as Tricel Composites (GB) Ltd., and Tricel (Newry) Ltd. will be known as Tricel Composites (NI) Ltd.

These companies form part of the Tricel Group which operates under the following four divisions; Environmental, Construction, Water, and Distribution, which includes both composites and lubricants. As one of the UK’s and Ireland’s leading distributors of composite materials, the company supplies an large portfolio of product offerings to a variety of industries.

Head of distribution division for Tricel, Robbie Larkin, says: “Changing the name to Tricel Composites is a part of our long-term growth strategy. We will continue to expand our share of the market and aim to become the leading distributor in both the UK and Ireland. Composite materials will be distributed out of three locations with depots based in Leeds, Southport and Newry.

The group has more than 60 years experience in the composite industry, both in manufacturing and distribution. Tricel employs more than 400 people and has more than 12 locations throughout Europe.