Tour de France racers feature Hexcel carbon fiber in wheels

Bicycle wheel manufacturer Corima, which supplied wheels to the ASTANA and SOJASUN teams, use Hexcel's HexPly prepregs and Primetex 12K carbon fiber reinforcements.

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Carbon fiber manufacturer Hexcel (Duxford, Cambridge, U.K.) reported on July 24 that its customer, Corima (Loriol-sur-Drome, France), a leader in the manufacture of carbon fiber bike wheels for road racing, was one of the major technology players in this year’s Tour de France, supplying the ASTANA and SOJASUN teams.

Corima’s CHRONO wheels were made with Hexcel’s HexPly prepregs and Primetex 12K carbon fiber reinforcements. Hexcel’s PrimeTex technology allows light fabrics to be woven from higher K tow fibers (with weights as low as 200 gsm possible using 12K fiber) while maintaining quality and uniformity of reinforcement.

Hexcel says the HexPly range of industrial resins enables the twin objectives of industrial processability (competitive and efficient cure cycles) and high performance to be achieved, meeting the high demands to which a wheel is subjected during the Tour de France.