Toray begins carbon fiber production for 787

The production is part of a 16-year, $6 billion agreement with Boeing to produce carbon fiber/epoxy prepreg for the 787.

Toray Industries Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) reports that it has begun production of carbon fiber for use in The Boeing Co.'s (Seattle, Wash., USA) new 787 Dreamliner jetliners. The production is part of Toray's 16-year, $6 billion supply contract after repeated delays in the jet's development.

Toray, a major carbon fiber maker, said Friday it began production at a plant in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan of prepreg carbon fiber/epoxy used in the 787's wing and tail structures of the 787.

The production facilities, which cost ¥7 billion to build, have annual production capacity of 5.8 million sq-m, the company said.