Toho Tenax announces new rapid-cure prepreg for high volume production

Three-minute cure at 150 degrees C and formability at low pressure of 72.5 psi aimed at automotive production volumes of 50,000 parts per year.

Toho Tenax Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) , the core company of the Teijin Group’s carbon fibers and composites business, has announced its development of a new prepreg — carbon fiber sheet pre-impregnated with matrix resin — that achieves rapid curing for increased productivity and features excellent surface texture and formability.

The new prepreg cures in three minutes at 150°C/302°F and minimizes resin being expelled from the prepreg due to molding pressure. Toho Tenax reports the result is an increase in production efficiency by a factor of many dozens, which it believes will allow manufacturers to reach production volumes of 50,000 carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) parts per year.

Toho Tenax has developed its new prepreg initially for automotive applications, but will explore opportunities for aircraft and other fields to further expand its carbon fibers and composites business. Possible new fields include sports and general industry fields thanks to formability at low pressure of around 0.5 Mpa/72.5 psi. A flame-resistant feature now under development is expected to further expand applications to consumer electronics, transit vehicles and other applications.