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TFP announces plans for expansion

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Technical Fibre Products has announced a capacity increase to meet increasing demand for advanced nonwovens across all markets.

Technical Fibre Products (TFP, Schenectady, NY, US) has announced a planned capacity increase of 50% by 2020. The investment is in response to increasing demand for TFP’s advanced nonwovens across all markets. 

“The planned expansion will continue to facilitate the rapid growth TFP has seen in key markets such as aerospace, defense and fuel cells and will be supported by significant capital investment to develop and house the new capacity,” says Martin Thompson, managing director of TFP.

According to Thompson, the company’s expansion plans include the installation of a new particle plating line and upgraded IT infrastructure at TFP’s manufacturing facility in the US, as well as the doubling of production capacity in the UK in 2015 and increased warehousing.


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