Teijin, Envision Virgin Racing announce multi-year partnership

The Teijin Group will develop high-performance materials and products for the team’s all-electric Formula E racecars.
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Teijin Envision Virgin Racing composite Formula E all-electric racecar

Source | Teijin


Global fibers technology company Teijin Group (Tokyo, Japan) and Envision Virgin Racing announced on Jan. 29 that they have agreed to a multi-year sponsorship contract that will support the team’s participation in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.

Envision Virgin Racing has been competing in the all-electric Formula E race series since its start in 2014, experiencing success in the sport while also seeking sustainable mobility solutions and promoting environmental issues with its Race Against Climate Change initiative.

Through this new partnership, the Teijin Group will develop high-performance materials and products to improve the comfort of Envision Virgin Racing drivers, and explore new business opportunities through the development and provision of lightweight, high-performance automotive components. The companies have also established a sponsorship agreement, which Teijin will use to raise awareness for the Teijin brand in related industries.

“By supporting Envision Virgin Racing, which competes in races with electric vehicles (EV) as a means of raising awareness of global warming, we will develop technologies and accumulate the know-how and solution capabilities required for future EVs that satisfy ever-stricter environmental regulations,” says Jun Suzuki, president and CEO of Teijin Ltd.

“… Being able to tap into [Teijin’s] wealth of expertise and high-performance material and composite technologies will help us on track, while away from the track we’re looking forward to working together on our ‘Race Against Climate Change’ program,” says Sylvain Filippi, the team’s managing director.

Launched in 2014, Formula E is the world’s first fully-electric single-seater racing series, competing on city center circuits globally. The championship represents a vision for the future of the motor industry, serving as a platform to showcase the latest innovations in electric vehicle technology and alternative energy solutions.

The next Formula E race takes place in Mexico City on Feb. 15, where The Teijin Group will officially commence its full support for the U.K.-based team.

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