Suzlon opens blade science center in Denmark

The center, in Vejle, Denmark, will focus on developing blades and control systems to help maximize levelized cost of energy in wind turbines.

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Wind turbine manufacturer Suzlon Group (Pune, India) announced on Feb. 1 the opening of its new Blade Science Center in Vejle, Denmark. The center, says the company, is dedicated to accelerating Suzlon’s vision to become a leader in technology in the wind industry. The new center will be focused on developing the best blades and control systems in the industry, and integrating Suzlon’s aerodynamic, loads and new structures research across the company.

Dr. Thomas Buhl has joined Suzlon as vice president to lead Suzlon’s Blade Science Center. From the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Wind Energy, Buhl has more than 15 years of experience in aerodynamics and blade structures. At his last assignment, Buhl headed the Section for Wind Turbine Structures at DTU Wind Energy where he managed a large group of scientists and engineers with a focus on mechanical design and loads, composite structures and structural optimization.

Tulsi Tanti, chairman, Suzlon Group, says, “The new blade center is aligned to our vision of being the technology leader in the global wind sector. Innovation is at the core of Suzlon’s DNA and I am confident the new blade center will give further impetus to our research and development efforts. We believe a new wave of innovation is required to unlock the true potential of renewable energy, to lower levelized cost of energy [LCOE], and take the game to a new level. Technology will be the key enabler to achieve this. Denmark is the birthplace of wind technology and we will leverage the experience and expertise of the talent pool there in our innovation efforts as we develop our next generation of turbines.”

Duncan Koerbel, CTO, says, “We believe the new blade center under the leadership of Dr. Thomas Buhl will be the epicenter for developing next-generation wind turbines. We will continue to accelerate our research into the next generation of air foils and rotor systems to continue to reduce the levelized cost of energy and increase the plant load factor for our customers. We have an aggressive series of new turbines for low-wind sites planned for the Indian and international markets. Through technology, we will advance the performance of these machines with our fourth generation blades, augmented with improved pitch control systems and by introducing carbon fiber in a unique industry application. I am confident the team led by Dr. Buhl will help advance research in all of these areas across our company.”