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Structural Composites wins two awards

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The Florida company's Sharkskin Co-Cure Coating and Resin technology is recognized for innovation.


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Structural Composites, Inc’s (SC, Melbourne, Fla.) new Sharkskin Co-Cure Coating and Resin technology recently was selected for the Innovative Technology Product award in the small company category at the Florida TechXpo in October.  In addition, Structural Composites was given a Congressional Medal of Merit from Congressman Bill Posey for the co-core technology.  These two awards recognize SC’s  innovative invention in strain-tunable coatings and resins and the significant impact the invention will have on the composites industry.

Scott Lewit, company president says “ We are very honored to receive the awards.  This  invention  was made possible by funding we received from the Florida Institute for the Commericialation of Research under the Florida matching grant program. The grant enhanced our federally-funded effort on Advanced Combatant Craft as part of the Navy’s Small Business Innovative Research Program. This much-needed technology will not only help our military develop better, more affordable high-performance lightweight structures but will  assist the transportation industry as the focus moves to lightweighting for improved efficiency. We recognize and thank the State of Florida, the Navy and our supplier partner BASF in helping our efforts.”


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