Strata delivers 100 shipsets of inboard flaps for Airbus A350-900

Strata assumes fabrication and assembly duties for inboard flaps production and plans to incorporate HDF and ATL machines into the process.
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Strata has now assumed fabrication and assembly duties

Source | Strata Manufacturing

Strata Manufacturing (Strata, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates), the advanced composite aerostructures manufacturing facility owned by Mubadala Investment Co. PJSC, has reported the successful delivery of 100 shipsets of assembled Airbus A350-900 inboard flaps (IBFs). Having completed the full first article inspection (FAI) for the fabrication of six IBF components at its facility in the Nibras Al Ain Aerospace Park, Strata now assumes fabrication and assembly duties in partnership with Airbus and its production of the A350-900.

Designed to increase the total lift capability of the wing of an aircraft, an IBF is mounted on the trailing edge of the wing to increase the wing’s surface during take-off and landing and improve stability during flight. Strata says it plans to fully automate the IBF manufacturing process, using hot drape forming (HDF) and computer-controlled robotic automated tape layup (ATL) machines, which gained first part qualification (FPQ) and FAI design and quality verifications early this year.

As part of the process, the company says the HDF machine preforms carbon fiber components for aircraft parts, enabling faster production of high-quality composite parts, and its infrared radiation heating system quickly and evenly softens carbon fiber to deliver accurate parts are said to be free of stress-wrinkling. Further, Strata’s two ATL machines lay unidirectional prepreg materials onto a flatbed before being transferred to a mold for further processing. According to Strata, its work envelope of 2.5 meters by 10 meters enables automated processing of large composite layups, eliminating the need for a separate ultrasonic cutting machine, and reducing processing times.

“Strata is constantly looking to expand its technical manufacturing capabilities by investing in technologies and nurturing its employee’s abilities,” says Ismail Ali Abdulla, CEO of Strata. “This ensures better efficiencies and quality across our production lines and empowers us to advance within a highly competitive global aerospace sector. By strengthening our automated manufacturing capabilities, we aim to reinforce our ‘Made with Pride in the UAE’ seal of quality assurance and maintain our decade-long tradition of delivering on commitments and obligations to Airbus and other global OEM partners.” Abdulla also notes that the shipset delivery to Airbus is consistent with Strata’s continuous focus on growing its customers’ confidence in the company capabilities.

Strata Manufacturing supports the development of a leading aerospace hub in Abu Dhabi as part of the emirate’s economic diversification initiatives, and works with leading OEMs including Airbus, Boeing, Leonardo and Pilatus.