Stéphane Hersen appointed as CEO and chairman/director at RocTool

The former RocTool general manger succeeds Alexandre Guichard, RocTool's founder, aims for continuity of vision.

RocTool (Le Bourget du Lac, France), a specialist in the design and development of technologies for rapid molding of composite and plastic injection, revealed March 3 the appointment of Stéphane Hersen as RocTool’s chairman and CEO/director, following a meeting of Board members on Feb. 23, 2015. 

The general manager of RocTool since September 2014, Hersen thereafter over as CEO. He succeeds Alexandre Guichard, chairman of the Board and founder of RocTool. 

"We are continuing the actions initiated by Alexandre Guichard," Hersen comments. "My aim is to accelerate the development of the company in order to establish itself as a leader in the rapid molding of plastic materials composites and metal used by major automotive and electronics brands along with consumer goods." 

The company's industrial strategy, known as RocTool Ready, aims to simplify access to RocTool’s premium technologies, which it describes as well-established on the market. RocTool proposes a simplified commercial offer, available to both large groups as well as SME’s: "A 'plug and play' concept, which is more accessible within a package, including study, license, material, installation and training," explains Hersen. Furthermore, RocTool says it has put an "ecosystem" in place that includes software and injection machine manufacturers, mold makers and resin and composite-material suppliers. "In other words, it is up to us to provide additional means of measuring interest in our technologies, from the simulation step, promoting the optimization of its use, integrating each step of the product's development,Hersen concludes. 

About RocTool 

Created in 2000, RocTool has aimed to revolutionize fast molding processes for composites, plastic injection and, very soon, metal. The processes developed by RocTool are reportedly used by major brands in innovative industries: consumer electronics (Motorola, Flextronics), automotive (Mini Cooper, Volvo cars) and sports & leisure.  Its headquarters and R&D center are situated at Savoie Technolac, Le Bourget du Lac (France) but the company maintains three subsidiaries, in the US, Germany and Taiwan, and has test and demonstration platforms in Germany, Japan and Italy. 

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