Startup company sets sights on tailor-made thermoset composite parts

Researchers from Politecnico di Milano’s +LAB, winner of 2017 JEC Innovation Award, have started Moi Composites to offer tailor-made thermoset high performance parts.


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Researchers from +LAB, the 3D printing laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano university in Italy and winner of 2017 JEC Innovation Award have started a company, Moi Composites (Milan, Italy), offering solutions for tailor-made parts for the composite market.

Moi is a co-design and production service for small series or tailor made, high performance objects. Moi uses a proprietary additive manufacturing technology, Continuous Fiber Manufacturing (CFM), capable of 3D printing high performance thermoset composite parts by combining robotic intelligence with digital fabrication. Moi has several case studies that showcase the CFM technology including a bike frame (see video below) and a lower-limb running prothesis.

The use of thermoset matrices with higher working temperatures and short curing times allows for the deposit of continuous fibers at high speeds. The process is scalable and customizable by target market.