Spirit Aeronautics refurbishes aircraft with carbon fiber accents

The Citation 650 is believed to be the first of its type with the inclusion of carbon fiber accents on black wood stylings.

Spirit Aeronautics (Columbus, OH, US) recently returned a Cessna Citation 650 aircraft back to its owner after a total interior refurbishment utilizing carbon fiber accents and design elements. The Citation 650 was refurbished for a confidential customer and is believed to be the first of its type with the inclusion of carbon fiber accents on black wood stylings.

The design and details included elements found on much larger aircraft such as carbon fiber inlays, blackened wood laminates, multi-layer high build gloss coatings, new Corian countertops and multi-layer foam seats with clean minimalist lines and tight stitching.

“From the beginning of this project the client was attracted to clean European styling combined with western comfort which is very challenging in an aircraft of this size,” said Tony Bailey, president & COO of Spirit Aeronautics. “Top it off; the client did not want to change the certification basis of the aircraft so we had to look for stylings that gave a minimalist impression without adding or removing any of the current furnishings.”

The result was deep black wood laminates accented with carbon fiber inlays on the solid surfaces including the drink rails, galley and lavatory.

Bailey said that some of the obstacles the company faced with this project were not typical with a traditional interior.

"For example, the wood and carbon fiber surfaces required additional layers during the high gloss finish process which induced trim and fit problems that had to be meticulously resolved," he said. "Compounding the problem was the black color which highlighted every imperfection and blemish requiring extra care and constant touch-up. In addition, the customer only had a very narrow window for all of the work to be completed which required long hours and amazing dedication from our team to get it accomplished. In the end, the result is an absolutely beautiful interior.”