SP-High Modulus places composites on Outerlimits boats

SPRINT technology, Ampreg resin and Corecell foam will be featured on two new powerboats being developed by Outerlimits.

SP-High Modulus, the marine business of Gurit (Isle of Wight, U.K.), announced on Feb. 11 that Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats will soon launch two new editions to its luxury fleet that will be the first production boats to use SP-High Modulus' SPRINT composite material. It will be used in the construction of the Super Leggera 36 (SL36).

With speed, strength and weight reduction being crucial to the performance of the SL36 and a new 30-ft model, SP-High Modulus has supplied Outerlimits with a custom package of materials including Ampreg 22 Resin, Corecell A-Foam and Corecell T-Foam, along with engineering expertise. SP-High Modulus has also introduced its unique composite technology, SPRINT, to the construction of the SL36, making Outerlimits the first company in the U.S. to use SPRINT in conjunction with polyester gel coat for production pleasure boats.

SPRINT encompasses the way in which composite materials are manufactured and processed. The result is a patent-approved product range, which offers what is said to be exceptional finishing and performance properties.

The two new high-performance, offshore powerboats use the combination of SP-High Modulus materials that were supplied for Outerlimits' P1 World Championship winner, S-NAV, and which proved to be a winning solution that saw the #88 SNAV team dominate the race and take the title for 2009.

The composite construction of the two new powerboats incorporates the same formula of Ampreg 22 resin and SP-High Modulus' Corecell range, which offers increased strength and durability in return for weight reduction, ultimately making the boats faster, stronger and more economical.

The new SL36 and 30-ft/9.1m model are due to be launched in 2010 and are designed to follow in the footsteps of Outerlimits' S-NAV, which was due to be recognized at the P1 World Championship 2009 Award Ceremony on Feb. 13 at the Miami International Boat Show.