SIS, InfraCore sign agreement for InfraCore technology license

Long-distance signing of agreement opens way for further composites infrastructure construction in Australasia.


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SIS and InfraCore sign license agreement for composites infrastructure technology

The manufacturing partnership between Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (SIS, Adelaide, Australia) and InfraCore Co. (Rotterdam, Netherlands) has now expanded. The license agreement aims to increase SIS’ market share in Australia and New Zealand and will also boost growth of the InfraCore technology proven by FiberCore Europe (Rotterdam, Netherlands) in more than 1,100 heavy-traffic composite bridges and lock gates worldwide.

The InfraCore technology reportedly offers a standardized and modular, structural approach that enables the realization of proven and validated cost-effective (both OPEX/CAPEX) prefab composite (FRP) structures such as bridges. Though heavy-duty and primary load-bearing, these lightweight composite structures are easily scalable, sustainable, maintenance-free and damage-tolerant. Bridges built with InfraCore technology are designed to last for more than 100 years and are easy to install due to their lightweight, requiring less equipment and a minimal foundation.

SIS delivers sustainable infrastructure projects for diversified clients around the world in sectors including civil infrastructure, building and construction, oil and gas, mining, aviation, aquaculture, marine and ports, transport and logistics and agriculture. SIS draws on strategic capabilities and distribution partnerships across Australia, and also has manufacturing partnerships in China, North America and Europe. As an InfraCore Inside-certified manufacturer, SIS will build prefab composite bridges using the InfraCore technology across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

“This cooperation is also about reflecting the company’s ethos to take environmental sustainability to another level in infrastructure,” says SIS associate director of engineering Luigi Rossi. “This will significantly reduce freight costs and lead times for our clients and will revolutionize the way bridges are manufactured and installed in our region.”

InfraCore Co. develops and markets new cross-sector product-market combinations based on InfraCore technology in collaboration with strategic partners in the marine construction, offshore, oil and gas, energy sectors and other industries worldwide. The InfraCore technology is already implemented in the EU projects SUREbridge for structural renovation of heavy-duty bridge decks on existing bridges and RAMSSES for heavy-duty ship decks, rudders for sea vessels, and interior walls on cruise ships.