Siemens places 67 6-MW turbines in U.K. offshore farm

Norwegian energy utilities Statoil and Statkraft will install 67 of Siemens' new 6-MW turbines in the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm off the east coast of the U.K.

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Siemens Energy (Hamburg, Germany) reported on Aug. 21 that it has received an order from the Norwegian energy utilities Statoil and Statkraft for the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm in the U.K. Siemens will manufacture, deliver, install and commission 67 Siemens direct-drive wind turbines rated at 6 MW each and equipped with a 154m/505-ft rotor. Installation will start in early 2017. The combined value including a five-year-servi c e contract is approximately €650 million.

The Dudgeon offshore wind project is located 32 km/20 mi north of the city of Cromer in North Norfolk. The Dudgeon wind farm is owned by Statoil (70 percent) and Statkraft (30 percent). Statoil holds the responsibility as operator beginning from the construction phase. With an overall capacity of 402 MW, Dudgeon will provide clean power to more than 410,000 U.K. households.

“We are proud to convince more and more customers about the advantages of our 6-megawatts-offshore machine,” says Dr. Markus Tacke, CEO of the Wind Power Division of Siemens Energy. “With Dudgeon we extend our project pipeline for this new turbine. This gives us the opportunity to further ramp up production capacity, which is a precondition to bring down the costs for offshore wind.”