Sicomin's marine epoxies awarded Lloyd's Register Certification

Two of Sicomin's epoxies designed for use in marine applications have achieved Lloyd's Register certification.

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Sicomin (Marseille, France), a formulator and supplier of technically high-strength epoxy solutions reported on July 30 that it has achieved Lloyd’s Register (LR) certification on a number of new systems aimed towards the marine market. Sicomin’s desire to achieve LR approval is in response to increasing sales demand for its products across the U.K., the Netherlands, Germany and Turkish markets.

Two of Sicomin’s advanced resin systems successfully achieved certification; these include SR 1280, a low-viscosity, hand-laminating epoxy system, and SR 8100, a very low-viscosity infusion epoxy system.

Key features of the newly certified products as follows:

SR 1280: Sicomin developed SR 1280 in response to manufacturers looking for a low-viscosity, easy hand-laminating epoxy system. Used in conjunction with the hardeners SD 4770 (very slow) and SD 4775 (fast), the system can be mixed for intermediate reactivity. During Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) tests, SR 1280’s Tg onset is calculated at approximately 100°C/212°F, therefore demonstrating good mechanical properties. SR 1280 has been successfully used for several marine projects including under water applications in the renewable energy sector.

SR 8100: A very low-viscosity product, SR 8100 is designed specifically for infusion and resin transfer molding (RTM) techniques. In addition to LR certification, SR8100 has also achieved Germanischer Lloyd approval and is used by many of Sicomin’s industrial, marine, energy, transportation, sports and leisure customers. SR 8100 is a two-component system and is compatible with a variety of hardeners, allowing the construction of small to large parts with rapid remolding time.