SGL Group and Hyundai extend fuel-cell component partnership


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In the context of e-cars, the spotlight is usually on battery-driven sets that will continue to drive growth in the area of lithium-ion batteries. SGL Group (Wiesbaden, Germany) has been active there for a long time. Another variant of electromobility is currently not so much in focus, but also a growing market: fuel-cell cars that use hydrogen as fuel. Many automotive manufacturers are working intensively on this technology, including Hyundai Motor Group (Seoul, South Korea).

In the field of fuel cells, the two companies announced April 26 they now have extended their long-standing collaborative efforts and signed a supply contract. SGL Group will deliver SIGRACET gas diffusion layers for the fuel cell to Hyundai for its new NEXO model.

Dr. Tilo Hauke, head of Central Innovation at SGL Group says, “We are excited to extend our partnership with Hyundai – our years of developmental work are now paying off. For us, this is also a major step in shaping the key technology topics of our time, including mobility and new energies.” 

The fuel cell is one of the most environmentally friendly future technologies in the field of energy technology. The only waste product following the reaction is water, H2O, which can be discharged in the form of steam. After leading the way with its iX35 fuel-call car in 2012, now Hyundai has optimized its hydrogen-powered drive with its NEXO model, a zero-emissions vehicle, which launched in March of this year.

Last year, SGL Group increased its production capacities at its Meitingen location in Germany by commissioning another sintering furnace. To continue playing a key role in the research and development of fuel cells, SGL Group is also an active development partner in the EU-funded INSPIRE project.

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