Scott Bader, Structural Science Composites partner for resin supply

The five-year partnership will enable SSC to grow its business and manufacture composite covers and frames.


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Composite covers developed by Structural Science Composites

Photo Credit: Scott Bader

Scott Bader Co. Ltd. (Wellingborough, U.K.) and Structural Science Composites Ltd. (SCC; Cumbria, U.K.) announced in August that both companies have signed a five-year partnership for the supply of a Crestapol urethane acrylate resin for the production of composite covers and frames.

The agreement is said to enable SSC to grow its business with a long-term consistent supply of high-performance material from Scott Bader. SSC have been globally supplying the water, gas, oil, electricity and other infrastructure sectors since 2007, and with the new agreement in place, the company has set a target to double its commercial output over the next four to five years. The supply of Crestapol resin will commence in September 2020 until August 2025.

With the urethane acrylate resin, SSC says it can manufacture covers and frames that are one quarter the weight of concrete covers and one-third the weight of iron covers, which reduces overall transportation costs. Further, the Crestapol resin is said to be fast-curing and meets all EU regulatory standards.

SSC manufactures B, C and D class covers and frames that are said to be permanently anti-slip, provide seal and lock options, are corrosion resistant, can be made conductive or non-conductive and require very little maintenance.

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