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7/14/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

SCIGRIP composite solar-powered boat takes second place in race

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The race took place at the Yacht Club de Monaco.


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The SCIGRIP (Washington, UK) Solar Boat recently competed in the Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup hosted at the Yacht Club de Monaco on July 9-11. Winners of the Dong Energy Solar Challenge held in the Netherlands last year, this is the first time the SCIGRIP team has taken part in the Solar1 competition.

The SCIGRIP Solar Boat eventually ranked second place in the A Class category when racing concluded on Saturday afternoon. The Polish crew drove a lightweight, carbon fiber composite powerboat, assembled using a variety of SCIGRIP’s structural adhesives and powered only using solar panels.

The SCIGRIP Solar Boat got off to a great start on the first day of the racing, leading the A Class boats in the Fleet Race after 5 laps of the scheduled 30. Unfortunately, high waves led to the race subsequently being called off, with the rankings not counted in the overall competition. The team rallied and went on to win the next race, the Slalom. In an extremely close competition, the SCIGRIP team achieved the fastest time over the course, beating its nearest rival by only a couple of seconds.

The SCIGRIP Solar Boat began the second day strongly, comfortably making it through to the semi-finals of the one-on-one Sprint competition, but was eventually beaten in the final.

SCIGRIP Marine Repair Kits were distributed to competitors at the start of the race. The customized packs contained a selection of high performance, fast curing adhesives and waterproof epoxy sticks. A number of teams used the contents to make adjustments to their vessels.

The SCIGRIP Repair Station was also open throughout the event with SCIGRIP staff available to offer bonding advice and assist with any damage to the boats. During the race, around 12 essential repairs were conducted and various components were fitted on competitor’s vessels. In some cases, SCIGRIP’s assistance allowed the teams to remain in the competition, the company said. 

“It was a fantastic event and the atmosphere was electric. The SCIGRIP Solar Boat team has been truly dedicated throughout this project and have used their extensive technical knowledge and our high strength bonding solutions to construct an innovative and high speed vessel,” said Mark Rogan, SCIGRIP’s European sales and marketing manager.


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