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12/15/2008 | 1 MINUTE READ

Sartomer Americas announces restructuring

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The changes reflect the growth and independence of Sartomer's European and Asian operations.


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Global specialty chemicals manufacturer Sartomer Co. (Exton, Pa.) announced on Dec. 10 the restructuring of its Americas division, effective immediately. The restructure reflects the growth and independence of the European and Asian operations, which has functionally been supported by the Americas group.  

The restructuring process includes various personnel changes, including elimination of 17 positions at the Exton headquarters, as well as select manufacturing sites. Albert Tuccio has been promoted to senior vice president responsible for sales and marketing, research and development, and operations. William Wittig, formerly director of functional additives, is now director of photocure and functional additives. Michael Rose, formerly strategic accounts manager, is the new director of sales, photocure and functional additives. Jim Horgan will continue to lead the research and development group and Larry Athens remains as head of operations.

"The development of Sartomer — from a U.S.-centered company to a global operation — plus the effect of the recent global economic environment led us to evaluate the effectiveness of the current organization and to make changes to prepare for the future," said Sartomer president Marcel de Wolf. "These changes mainly affect the U.S. operation to make the organizational structure of the Americas division consistent with our European and Asian divisions."