San Diego Composites certified as an FAA test site

The San Diego, Calif.-based firm is now performing testing on composite fittings for the aerospace industry, in conformity with U.S. Federal Aviation Admin. requirements.

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San Diego Composites Inc. (SDC, San Diego, Calif.) is performing certification testing on composite fittings for the aerospace industry. With full conformity required by the U.S. Federal Aviation Admin. (FAA), SDC provides testing with Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) sign-offs and Authorized Representative (AR) witnessing.

The FAA reviews and certifies every test installation, including environmental conditioning and thermal cycling of hundreds of test specimens prior to testing. SDC starts with customer IGS models of the fittings and designed mounting fixtures and frames to match customer defined loading vector requirements. Three independent actuators with an MTS controller are utilized for multiaxial loading applications, where each vector's proof loads must be achieved simultaneously and continue until failure. A data acquisition system records real-time load, displacement, and temperature data to verify the test parameters are achieved.

Testing serves as the bridge between design and analysis, gives support to model predictions and substantiates engineering designs. Equipped with waht it calls "first-class" data acquisition and testing capabilities, SDC says it is dedicated to producing quality results during every test.

SDC is ISO 17025-accredited and conducts testing from rapid materials characterization databases through proof testing of both subcomponents and full-scale systems. SDC continues to expand their facilities to accommodate customer testing needs and the compnay says its FAA-certification testing is a stage in that process.

For more information about SDC’s testing and evaluation, contact Kenny Kenzel, E-mail: