SAERTEX USA LLC adds 3-D fabrics to its product range

Weaving and fabrics specialist SAERTEX will produce orthogonal fabrics at high speed with zero crimp in the warp and weft fibers.

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SAERTEX USA LLC (Huntersville, N.C., USA) is adding 3-D fabrics to the 2-D multiaxial non-crimp fabrics (NCF) product line at its Huntersville location in an effort to offer solutions for applications where very thick and highly loaded areas with “z-direction” reinforcements are required. According to general manager Dr. Christian Kissinger, this constitutes a good fit for certain composite markets and applications.

SAERTEX 3-D fabrics will be produced using recently acquired weaving equipment designed to produce orthogonal fabrics at high speed with zero crimp in the warp and weft fibers, as compared to woven multilayer fabrics using 2-D machines or 3-D interlock fabrics (e.g., angle interlock). The result is improved composite properties. This technology also reduces fiber abrasion during manufacture and allows for a broad variation in z-direction fiber content, offering optimized 3-D fabric architecture for specific applications.

The new 3-D fabric line will meet the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standards certified by Germanischer Lloyd and will be fully integrated in all SAERTEX Group processes. SAERTEX 3-D fabrics will become an additional option in the SAERTEX portfolio to combine maximum stability and extreme durability for lightweight composite solutions.

Applications in which SAERTEX 3-D fabrics will be used include underground storage tanks, composite alternatives to corrugated steel for infrastructure, large infused decks and other structures for power plants, preforms for aircraft stringers, light tactical vehicle armor, storage/shipping containers, blast protection, airframe joints and structures, stringers, machined composite parts for oil and gas application, pi joint preforms and wind blade root segments.