SAE International composites symposium scheduled for June

SAE International is featuring two composites symposia in Torino, Italy, in June, one focusing on composites basics and the other on design tools and programs.

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SAE International reports that it has developed two educational symposiums focusing on the most critical issues involved in the use of composites. Industry experts from aerospace, automotive and wind energy have been brought together to address the economics of composites and composite design, tooling, and manufacturing.

With support of SAE’s Torino chapter, these symposiums will be held in Torino, Italy, on June 20-22, 2012 at the Torino Incontra Conference Centre. The performance of composites makes them attractive in a variety of applications. However, composites have historically not been a very cost competitive option to metals due to several factors — primarily very expensive materials and labor-intensive manufacturing methods. As more automated manufacturing methods for composite components are beginning to be used in the industry, manufacturing costs are being reduced and this helps offset the more expensive materials. Other economic issues to consider when changing from metal to composites are part quantity requirements, inspection requirements, and cost of tooling. This one-day symposium will address a variety of economic issues that are typically considered when implementing composites. The day will conclude with a panel discussion featuring experts from several industries.

SAE 2012 Design, Tooling and Manufacturing of Composites Symposium. Successful implementation of composites depends on a combination of several factors. Component design, tooling approach, and manufacturing process selection are all integral to building cost effective composite components. Composite structures in all industry segments are designed for the specific function for which they are intended and they are also typically designed and tooled for the specific manufacturing process selected. This two-day symposium will focus on design, tooling, and manufacturing topics across a wide range of industry segments. Automated manufacturing, which is being used extensively in the aerospace industry, will be covered extensively in this two-day symposium

Along with the technical programs, the symposiums will feature peer-to-peer networking, panels and an exhibition

For additional information, visit (SAE 2012 Economics of Composites) and (SAE 2012 Design, Tooling and Manufacturing of Composites).