Saab wins 787-10 cargo and access doors contract

Saab will do development and manufacturing work for the large cargo doors, bulk cargo door and access doors for the Boeing 787-10, which is expected to enter the market in 2014.

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Defence and security company Saab (Stockholm, Swedent) reported on Dec. 20 that it has signed an agreement with Boeing (Chicago, Ill., USA) to provide the large cargo doors, bulk cargo door and access doors for the Boeing 787­-10 Dreamliner. The contract includes development and manufacturing of the latest version in the 787 family. The value of the contract has an initial order intake providing potential value in excess of 600 million SEK ($91.5 million USD).

“Saab has already a long-­term relationship together with Boeing. This is yet another evidence of our strong and close cooperation. Saab will continue to focus on providing value to Boeing by keeping our commitments and provide high quality products on time”, says Lars Jensen, head of Saab's business unit Aerostructures.

Launched in June 2013, the 787­-10 will leverage 787 technology to provide more passenger and cargo capacity and unparalleled seat­mile economics in the medium twin-­aisle market. Boeing is scheduled to begin delivery of the 787­-10 to customers in 2018.

At Saab, about 500 employees work on development and production of complex airframe assemblies to Boeing and Airbus. In addition to the mid and outer fixed wing leading edge for the Airbus A380, Saab manufactures ailerons and doors to several Airbus and Boeing aircraft.