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6/19/2017 | 2 MINUTE READ

Roth Machinery intros new laboratory prepreg line

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Roth Composite Machinery GmbH (Steffenberg, Germany) has introduced a new laboratory line for prepreg as well as organic sheet applications, which represents an approximate investment of 1 million Euro.

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Roth Composite Machinery GmbH (Steffenberg, Germany) has introduced a new laboratory line for prepreg as well as organic sheet applications, which represents an approximate investment of 1 million Euro. Roth customers and raw material producers are now able to make trials with new matrix systems, fibers and fabrics without having to interrupt their own production processes. Based on the company's 50+ years of experience in prepreg machinery, the new laboratory line can process duromere and thermoplastic matrix systems up to 400 degrees Celsius. Potential applications include sporting goods, the aerospace sector, the automotive industry, ship and boat building, and building and bridge construction.

The new laboratory line is based on calendering technology, using two calenders heated up to 400 degrees Celsius. The plant offers a working width of 600 millimetres and a working speed ranging from 1m to 40m per minute. The machine allows individual research and test runs for all kinds of fibers and resins. Tests with thermoplastic materials, such as duromers, fabrics and a range of fiber systems are possible. The company is able to produce multilayer composite materials made of fabrics, fibers and films. A powder dosing unit for the processing of powder or granulate instead of a foil can be integrated. As application systems for the matrix, the comma blade or the Foulard method can be selected. As the application unit is movable, customers units can be used as an alternative. Roth offers a spool creel with 80 spool positions, eight unwinders as well as three rewinders, which enables fiber spreading. Its modular construction as well as the open design offer excellent operability and allows the integration of measuring systems, for example for coating thickness measurements or surface inspections. Depending on the layers and the characteristics of the fibre materials, all common thicknesses of prepregs can be manufactured. For a complete rundown on the details of the laboratory line, visit the Roth Web site for the press release: http://www.roth-composite-machinery.com/en/4239.htm

Roth Composite Machinery is developing, designing and manufacturing components, machines as well as complete production lines in the business fields “Filament Winding & Prepeg“, “Pleating & Coating“ as well as “Brushes & Brooms“. Bernd Fischer, sales director at Roth Composite Machinery, emphasizes: “We provide personal support in each machine project, starting from the first contact over the planning and designing up to the serial production. Every machine we manufacture is ‘made in Germany’ and we offer processing know-how in industry-specific applications.” Originated from the merger of the two special machinery manufacturers EHA and Schlesinger, Roth Composite Machinery GmbH belongs to the family company Roth Industries GmbH & Co. KG having more than 1,250 employees worldwide. 


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