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7/28/2008 | 1 MINUTE READ

Rotating skyscrapers will feature composites

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The Dynamic Tower, which will be built in Dubai and Moscow to start, will feature rotating aparments that reportedly will feature composites in pre-fabricated housing units.

Italian architect Dr. David Fisher on July 24 announced the launch of the Dynamic Tower, the world's first building in motion, to be constructed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Moscow, Russia, with other locations planned worldwide.

Rotating Tower Dubai Development Ltd., headed by the Dynamic Group, announced the opening on of the reservations list for the first Dynamic Tower in Dubai. The company also has revealed the design and floor plans of the rotating building which will have 80 floors and will be 420m/1,380 feet tall. Composites reportedly will be used extensively throughout the aparement structures, which will be assembled before installation.

The Dynamic Tower offers infinite design possibilities, as each floor rotates independently to create a building that constantly changes shape, resulting in a unique and ever evolving architectural structure.

“The Dynamic Tower is environmentally friendly and the first building designed to be self-powered, with the ability to generate its own electricity, as well as for other nearby buildings, it achieves this feat with wind turbines fitted between each rotating floor. An 80-story building will have up to 79 wind turbines, making it a true green power plant,” Fisher stated.

The Dynamic Tower is also the first skyscraper to be built entirely from prefabricated parts that are custom made in a workshop, resulting in cost savings, this approach known as the Fisher Method, also requires far fewer workers on the construction site, thereby dramatically lowering construction costs.

“Each floor of the building can be completed in only seven days. From now on, buildings will be made in a factory,” Dr. Fisher said.

Fisher also announced that the second Dynamic Tower planned for Moscow is in the advanced design phase, with preassembling of the units to start soon and completion scheduled for 2010. The developer is the Mirax Group, headed by leading international developer Sergei Polonsky. The Moscow tower, which will have 70 floors and be 400m/1,310 ft tall, will be located in Moscow City area.

“Our intention is to build the third Rotating Skyscraper in New York,” Fisher said. “Additional Dynamic Towers will be built around the world, following an expression of interest from developers, governments, and public officials to construct a Dynamic Tower in Canada, Germany, Italy, Korea and Switzerland."

Information: www.dynamicarchitecture.net