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RocTool wins global licensing agreement with Flextronics

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Electronics manufacturing giant Flextronics, which has used RocTool technology since 2011, has expanded its license to include RocTool's latest injection molding processes for composites.


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RocTool (Le Bourget du Lac, France), specialist in the design and development of technologies for rapid molding of composites and plastics, reported on Oct. 14 that it has signed a global license agreement with Flextronics (Singapore), a leading provider of global end-to-end supply chain solutions including designing, manufacturing, shipping and services for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Flextronics began using RocTool technologies in 2011. However, the new global license expands the agreement to include RocTool's latest injection molding processes for composites and plastic injection and innovations for consumer electronics, automotive, wearable applications and a range of consumer products.

François Barbier, president of Global Operations and Components at Flextronics, says, “We are happy to expand our partnership with RocTool as well as increasing the molding processes and capabilities that we provide our valued OEM customers.”

With an established global presence, Flextronics molding capabilities include injection molding and compression molding, including the latest Heat and Cool technologies from RocTool.

Alexandre Guichard, RocTool chairman, says, "Combining our unique technology with Flextronics impressive molding capabilities on a global scale should create new opportunities and bring to the OEMs a relevant manufacturing solution." 


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