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1/12/2015 | 2 MINUTE READ

Revchem, Dura, Hawkeye founder Douglas Dennis dies

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Doug and his wife Gina Dennis started Revchem Composites in 1975 and went on to found Dura Technologies and Hawkeye Industries as well.


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Revchem Composites, Dura Technologies, and Hawkeye Industries (all Bloomington, CA, US) report that their founder, Douglas L. Dennis, has died. Peter Pendleton, vice president and general manager, issued this statement about Dennis:

Doug and his wife Gina Dennis started Revchem in 1975. Doug worked tirelessly over the past 40 years to build companies that reflected his own personal drive and values. He became a mentor and an example to a countless number of employees, teaching them the importance of respect, work ethic, giving back to the community and making sure they all gave each and every customer their very best. He was fiercely passionate about the composites industry and was forever a student of his craft.

I have worked for Revchem Composites for the last four years and worked side-by-side with Doug. We have traveled to many places, conquered many obstacles together and spent countless hours discussing every kind of topic you could imagine. From those years I spent with him, this is what I would like to share with you about Doug Dennis:

Doug was honest and smart, and he approached life with the highest level of personal integrity of anyone I have ever known.

You couldn't miss how deeply he cared about other people and he would often take care of those in need around him with little or no fanfare. He was a committed follower of Jesus and lived out his faith every day. He had focus like no other and would demand the same focus of you. He loved his businesses and especially loved the people that made them what they are today. He had a love for collecting, be it western artwork, collectible firearms, classic Italian motorcycles and pottery.

He was passionate, generous, yet humble about giving back to the community, but most of all he loved his family with no boundaries. Family and friendships were two of the most important things to Doug and we fondly remember and honor a beloved husband, brother, father, grandfather, our founder and friend.

Doug's legacy and his values are still very much a part of The Dennis Family of companies and all those he has touched within our industry. Our goal is to continue to honor him by being successful, continuing to build our business, demonstrating our complete respect of others and living a life of total integrity as Doug did. 

The Dennis Family has requested donations to Cornerstone Church-Nazarene in lieu of flowers. Contact: Greg Miller, 903 E. 3rd St., San Bernardino, CA, US 92410 +1 909-888-1729.