REpower completes pilot phase of offshore wind farm

Once completed, the Belgian wind farm will produce 1,000 GW per year of electricity.

REpower Systems AG (Hamburg, Germany) announced on Sept. 23 that it has successfully completed the pilot phase for the Belgian offshore wind farm Thornton Bank. The company C-Power is the contracting party for the project, located approximately 30 km/18.6 miles from Zeebrugge in a water depth of 25m/82 ft. C-Power’s plan is to develop the Thornton Bank wind farm to a total of 300 MW.
This turbine installed in Belgium is the 17th REpower 5M erected by the wind turbine manufacturer based in Hamburg. “In addition to the Beatrice project in the Scottish North Sea, Thornton Bank represents the second wind farm that we have installed in deep waters – and that despite the adverse weather conditions that prevailed in the North Sea this summer,” emphasized Norbert Giese, director of the REpower Offshore business division.
Once all project phases have been completed, Thornton Bank will produce around 1,000 GW-hours of power per year, enough energy to cover the annual use of about 600,000 people.