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4/4/2016 | 2 MINUTE READ

RAMPF Group establishes RAMPF Composite Solutions

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RAMPF Composite Solutions provides a suite of services in advanced carbon fiber and fiberglass composites for the aerospace and medical industries.


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RAMPF Group (Wixom, MI, US), has officially launched its new core competency, RAMPF Composite Solutions. With the integration of the Canadian company APEX Composites into the group, RAMPF now also offers a complete suite of services including composite part design and engineering, tool making, tailored fiber placement, composite manufacturing to very tight tolerances, and metal-to-composite conversion engineering.

“RAMPF Composite Solutions enters the global composites market as a holistic supplier to companies in the aerospace and medical industries,” says Michael Rampf, CEO of RAMPF Holding. “RAMPF Composite Solutions stands for excellence in quality, speed-to-market, and dedicated customer service in all areas of composites engineering, manufacturing and recycling. It provides state-of-the-art solutions in advanced carbon fiber and fiberglass composites, using the latest technologies."

Core competencies include VARTM, resin infusion, metal plating, and value-added assembly.

RAMPF Composite Solutions is completely vertically integrated, offering project management, product development engineering, dedicated NPI services, tool design and manufacturing, and rapid prototyping. “We have the personnel – 75 highly skilled and motivated composite experts –, the know-how, and the infrastructure to quickly generate production processes for demanding designs of complex precision composite structures,” said Gerry Kavanaugh, founder of APEX Composites and now director & CEO of RAMPF Composite Solutions based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Rampf said that lightweight composites is the “business field with the greatest potential for RAMPF.”

In the field of lightweight construction with composites there already exist a wide range of skills and competencies in the RAMPF Group including the RAMPF TOOLING SOLUTIONS, which offers a comprehensive product portfolio of liquid materials, pastes, and boards specially developed for the composites industry. The use of these RAKU TOOL products and technologies maximizes the benefits inherent to lightweight construction with composites.

With its high-end dispensing and automation technology, RAMPF PRODUCTION SYSTEMS will be able to contribute to further increasing productivity and automation of the production process at RAMPF Composite Solutions.

RAMPF MACHINE SYSTEMS, a leading supplier and development partner for multi-axis positioning and moving systems, rump machines, and basic machinery based on high-precision machine beds and machine bed components made from alternative materials, sees great potential for dynamically moving frame components made of composite materials, such as tables, slides, and beams.

In addition, RAMPF will be able to strengthen its position in the NAFTA markets. As of now, RAMPF is operating in these markets with RAMPF Composite Solutions and RAMPF GROUP INC., the North American subsidiary of the RAMPF group, which specializes in RAKU-TOOL products and solutions for modeling and mold engineering.

“In point of fact, the incorporation of APEX Composites represents another major step in the internationalization of the RAMPF Group,” Rampf said. “Over the course of just 35 years, RAMPF has developed from a one-man operation into one of the world’s leading companies in the fields of engineering and chemical solutions. With our new core competency RAMPF Composite Solutions, we will now write a new chapter in this unique success story – this time in Canada.”


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