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Quickstep to produce F-35 flare housings

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The carbon fiber component manufacturer will receive funding to produce composite housings for an F-35 Lightning II countermeasure flare.

Quickstep Holdings Ltd. (Sydney, Australia), manufacturer of advanced carbon fiber composite components, announced July 31 it will receive funding to produce housings for an F-35 Lightning II countermeasure flare.

Mark Burgess, CEO and managing director of Quickstep, says, “This exciting new project will involve Quickstep applying advanced tooling and process engineering skills to establish world-class advanced manufacturing capabilities for production of F-35 countermeasure flare housings.”

Funding via Chemring Australia (Victoria, Australia) from the F-35 Lightning II Joint Program Office (Arlington, VA, US), through a multi-million dollar US Government contract, will support engineering and production tooling for the production improvement project. Additionally, a New Air Combat Capability – Industry Support Program (NACC-ISP) grant of A$1 million will complement investment being made by Quickstep.


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