Quantum to purchase 26 eFlyers from Bye Aerospace

Quantum Air aims to lead point-to-point air taxi travel with its fleet of eFlyer 2 and eFlyer 4 electric airplanes.
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eFlyer 2 electric airplane

The eFlyer 2 in flight. Source | Bye Aerospace


Bye Aerospace (Denver, Colo., U.S.) has announced that air taxi operator Quantum Air (Los Angeles, Calif., U.S.) has signed a purchase agreement for 22 of its all-electric four-seat eFlyer 4s and two two-seat eFlyer 2 airplanes. The company also signed a comprehensive agreement that includes two future advanced aircraft under development from Bye Aerospace.

eFlyer 2 electric airplane

The eFlyer 2. Source | Bye Aerospace

Quantum says its new fleet of eFlyers supports its goal of positioning itself as the first and leading air taxi service in Los Angeles. “With the arrival of electric aircraft, we are entering a new Golden Age in aviation,” says Tony Thompson, CEO of Quantum. “Since the dawn of flight, point-to-point air travel has been a luxury available only to a privileged few. Quantum’s groundbreaking air taxi service will finally make point-to-point air travel widely available.”

“The future has arrived,” adds Scott Akina, vice president and chief pilot at Quantum. “By electrifying aviation, Quantum will ignite urban and regional mobility. Electric aircraft are safer, quieter, and more efficient than legacy aircraft, and they are more fun, more comfortable and do not pollute.”

In addition, George E. Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace, will join Quantum’s board of advisers. “With George Bye on our board of advisers, Quantum will tightly integrate with Bye Aerospace, producing a superior flight experience for our customers,” Thompson says.

eFlyer 4 electric airplane

A concept of the eFlyer 4. Source | Bye Aerospace

“One of Quantum Air’s goals is to disrupt aviation, providing more accessible, cost-efficient, high speed air transportation solutions — including FAA Part 135 on-demand air taxi travel — to help alleviate the noise and CO2 emissions challenges that accompany traditional internal combustion aircraft,” Bye adds.

Bye Aerospace is developing the FAA FAR 23-certified family of eFlyer general aviation aircraft, starting with the eFlyer 2, for the flight training mission. All of Bye Aerospace’s current and future families of aircraft, including the eFlyer 2 and the eFlyer 4, are designed to produce no CO2 and to answer market needs such as reduced operating costs, zero emissions and decreased noise.