Quadrant, Solidur Plasticos form joint venture

Quadrant’s Engineering Plastic Products business unit reports that it has entered into a joint venture with Solidur Plasticos Industriais, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Quadrant’s Engineering Plastic Products business unit (Reading, Pa., USA) reports that it has entered into a joint venture with Solidur Plasticos Industriais (Sao Paulo, Brazil). The alliance will be comprised of two separate operating units in order to service the varied needs of the overall regional market. Solidur Plasticos Industriais will continue to focus on providing custom parts to equipment and systems manufacturers made from a wide variety of machinable plastic materials. The second operating unit, Quadrant do Brazil, is a new venture and will focus on bringing Quadrant’s broad range of advanced machinable materials to industrial & plastics distributors and fabricators throughout all of Brazil.

Solidur’s and Quadrant’s combined years of knowledge in assisting customers in specifying plastic materials stand ready to help the industrial distribution community with the materials and tools that Quadrant shares with its partners worldwide. Solidur and Quadrant do Brasil will be led by a separate local management team comprised of highly experienced personnel as related to the respective interests of each operating unit. Both units will greatly benefit from the increased access to the most complete product line and most fully resourced service and support team in the plastics industry.

“This acquisition continues to reinforce our commitment to engineering and manufacturing companies worldwide by establishing easier access to materials and market and application knowledge in such a critical world market," said Glen Steady, Quadrant EPP, CEO. Solidur’s executives, Marcello Fernandes and Muniz Correa commented, “We have always worked closely with manufacturers of materials that can help our customers solve engineering and design problems. This is a natural extension of that philosophy. We are excited to be able to bring fast access to the world’s most advanced materials to our market.”