Premium AEROTEC ramps up for A400M series production

Germany-based Premium AEROTEC is preparing for series production of composite structures for Airbus Military's A400M military transport aircraft.

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Premium AEROTEC (Augsburg, Germany) reported on June 20 at the Paris Air Show that it is ramping up for series production of major composite structures for Airbus Military's A400M military transport.

Since the start of the A400M program, Premium AEROTEC’s work packages have focused on development and manufacture of assemblies for the center and rear fuselage sections, including the carbon fiber composite cargo door.

The external coverings for the respective fuselage sections are manufactured in Nordenham, Germany, where the side shells of the center fuselage section are also assembled. The milled frames for the shells in the center fuselage section are manufactured in Varel, Germany, while those for the shells in the rear fuselage are produced at the Augsburg plant. The Augsburg facility also supplies the large integral frames and longerons for the rear fuselage.

The brackets for the assembly of equipment for the center fuselage section are produced at the Bremen, Germany, plant while those for the rear fuselage are manufactured in Augsburg. In addition to the cutting and assembly of metal modules, the southern site of Augsburg is primarily responsible for the production of carbon fiber composite structures. The showpiece of this technology from the Fugger city is the upper cargo door, which measures 7m by 4m (23 ft by 13 ft) and is subjected to extreme loads during flight as part of the pressure fuselage. See link at right for full story on the A400M cargo door.

Premium AEROTEC GmbH, comprised of former EADS and Airbus sites that the company spun off in 2009, has more than 7,000 employees, generated revenues of about €1.3 billion in 2010 and specializes in composite structures manufacturing.