Premium AEROTEC picks FiberSIM for aerospace design work

Premium AEROTEC, a wholly owned subsidiary of EADS, will use the composites design and engineering software to develop fuselage structures.

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VISTAGY Inc. (Waltham, Mass.) announced on April 2 that Premium AEROTEC (Augsburg, Germany), previously a division and now a wholly owned subsidiary of EADS (Frankfurt, Germany) and a Tier One supplier to Airbus, has purchased VISTAGY's FiberSIM software. FiberSIM will be used to design and manufacture large composite sections to support the company's current programs. Premium AEROTEC selected FiberSIM based on its past success working with VISTAGY and with the aim of meeting aggressive cost cutting initiatives and delivery schedules.

Premium AEROTEC was particularly focused on finding a solution that could support multiple design methodologies to enable the most efficient composite engineering processes. To meet that goal, Premium AEROTEC wanted to find a partner that would help them reduce errors and subsequent design revisions; automate tedious non-value added tasks, such as redundant data entry; enhance downstream consumption of data; and ultimately improve overall engineering productivity.

Premium AEROTEC chose VISTAGY to help solve these challenges due to its experience in aircraft design, its proven ability to deliver valuable consulting services and because FiberSIM has a long record of success in enabling firms to efficiently develop the spectrum of aerostructures, including fuselage skins, ribs, frames, stringers, spars, pressure bulkheads, floors, empennage and wings.

Premium AEROTEC was also seeking software that had the demonstrated ability to perform rapid design changes as well as support a structure-based design process, which are both critical to accurate and efficient fuselage design. The proven reliability of the VISTAGY solution was thus seen to reduce the risks often associated with creating parts made from composite materials due to the complexity of the engineering process.

"Our decision to expand the use of FiberSIM was based on the combination of the software's maturity, reliability and flexibility along with the knowledge, experience and responsiveness of the people at VISTAGY," said Reinald Pfau, head of engineering and a member of the board of management of Premium AEROTEC. "VISTAGY provided a solution that would  enable us to meet our delivery schedule and cost reduction goals. As a matter of fact, FiberSIM has already allowed us to deliver validation data to an OEM on a very tight deadline."

"We're pleased to partner with Premium AEROTEC to apply FiberSIM to cutting-edge composite design and manufacturing techniques so the company can meet its critical objectives," said Scott Carlyle, vice president of worldwide sales for VISTAGY. "Working together we can help Premium AEROTEC achieve cost saving goals by improving the efficiency and productivity of the overall composite development process."