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9/13/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

PolyOne Advanced Composites lays groundwork for Polystrand and Gordon Composites

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PolyOne Advanced Composites will include Polystrand, Gordon Composites and the company's existing Glasforms product line.


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PolyOne Corp. (Avon Lake, Ohio), which acquired thermoplastic and thermoset composites specialists Polystrand (Englewood, Colorado) and Gordon Composites (Montrose, Colorado) in July, has begun the work of integrating the Polystrand/Gordon operations into the PolyOne Advanced Composites platform.

Overseeing the transition will be Matt Borowiec, general manager of PolyOne Advanced Composites, who has transferred to Polystrand’s Englewood facility from Birmingham, Alabama, where he oversaw PolyOne’s Glasforms Advanced Composites’ business for three years.

Borowiec told CW on Sept. 2 in an interview in Englewood that Polystrand, Gordon Composites and Glasforms Advanced Composites will comprise the PolyOne Advanced Composites platform, which is targeting transportation, ballistics, wind energy, recreational vehicles and building and construction markets for expansion.

Polystrand and Gordon Composites, Borowiec said, were an attractive acquisition for PolyOne because “continuous fiber is where we wanted to be.” Further, he noted, Polystrand’s thermoplastic composite tape-making and lamination operations are highly scalable and expandable, which means that the business can easily respond as applications grow.

Looking ahead, Borowiec said PolyOne would like to see Polystrand’s proprietary tape-making technology continue to expand into higher performance fibers and resins to meet the needs of highly engineered applications.

In any case, he said PolyOne will retain the Polystrand and Gordon Composites brands given their familiarity in the market, and he expects the Englewood facility will continue to benefit from strategic investments over the next several months as integration moves forward.


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