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4/4/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Plataine partners with Argosy International on industrial IoT

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The companies will deploy industrial IoT tools to aerospace manufacturers in Asia-Pacific.


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Plataine (Waltham, MA, US and Tel Aviv, Israel) and Argosy International (New York, NY, US) will partner to increase manufacturing efficiencies for composites component manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region.

"It is our mission to create value to our customers by increasing their productivity through high performance products, distribution and support services that meet customer and regulatory requirements worldwide on-time, every time,” said Paul Marks, CEO of Argosy International. “The partnership with Plataine will allow us to offer our customers not only outstanding products using Plataine’s technology, but also an innovative powerful technology to streamline their manufacturing processes leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things, and allowing them real-time context aware optimized decisions to facilitate every aspect of their business in these challenging production environments.”

Plataine's TPO (Total Production Optimization) solution combines IoT technology to collect manufacturing and quality related data on the production floor, with proprietary optimization software algorithms to improve visibility and control, raise production alerts, and make actionable, optimized production decisions and recommendations in real time. Plataine’s TPO tracks a range of assets, such as raw material, WIP kits, tools, assemblies and finished-products. The solution stores and analyzes all this information, providing real time visibility along the production lifecycle to ensure all parts comply with the industry's rigorous quality requirements. It also creates a paperless ‘Digital Thread' allowing to comply with audits and perform quick Impact Analyses when quality concerns arise. TPO sends alerts of critical thresholds, production delays or bottlenecks to relevant stakeholders, as well as optimized action instructions, driving dramatic improvements of production efficiencies. 


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