PlastiComp offers new composite LFRT pellets

PlastiComp has introduced a new line of long fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFRT) pellets that combine all material attributes in a single pellet, with no blending required.

PlastiComp LLC (Winona, Minn.) announces a breakthrough in long fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFRT) compounding with the introduction of its advanced line of trademarked Complet composite pellets. The new LFRT technology solves several manufacturing problems by providing improved product consistency in a "single pellet"solution. Complet incorporates into one complete compounded pellet the total LFRT portfolio including impact modifiers, additives, and colorants.

"According to testing conducted by our customers, Complet composite pellets deliver superior part weight consistency and aesthetics compared to competitive products,"said Steve Bowen, PlastiComp LLC president and CEO.

Other LFRT blending approaches, such as dry blending, can lead to segregation of the different pelletized materials during transport and conveying causing the molded part weight to vary by more than 5 percent. PlastiComp's single Complet pellet approach improves the quality of molded parts, making them more uniform and consistent. Complet is also formulated to meet precise customer requirements.

Complet technology can be applied to the majority of applications that traditionally were molded using dry blended pellets. PlastiComp's team works directly with customers to define their ideal Complet pellet composition and to shorten their development cycles. Customers can purchase Complet directly from PlastiComp LLC, or from the global licensees of PlastiComp LFRT technology located in Europe and Asia.

PlastiComp LLC provides both long fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFRT) technology and direct long fiber reinforced thermoplastic (D-LFRT) technology to global customers. PlastiComp also offers advanced contract molding along with research and development services including formula development, material and part testing, and evaluation.

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