PlastiComp offers D-LFT for compression molding

Direct Long Fiber Technology reportedly offers alternative to glass-mat thermoplastic sheet.

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PlastiComp LLC (Winona, Minn., USA) announced on May 14 that it has  expanded the versatility of the Pushtrusion Direct In-line Compounding technology beyond injection molding and is now able to offer customers a D-LFT (Direct Long Fiber Technology) compression molding solution. The Pushtrusion D-LFT system produces hot charges of customized fiber reinforced compound that can be transferred to the compression press and immediately pressed into finished parts, eliminating the need for glass-mat thermoplastic (GMT) sheet.  Pushtrusion units can be sized appropriately for any job and can be used with a variety of polymers (PP, PA, TPU, PBT, etc.) and fibers (E-glass, S-glass, carbon). 

“The Pushtrusion D-GMT process gives processors flexibility to customize their formula to any fiber loading, polymer type, and color they choose.  They are no longer saddled with limited compound choices like the GMT sheet market offers.” claims technical development center manager Eric Wollan.

PlastiComp will supply prospective customers with 14-by-14-inch (356-by-356-mm) plaques made from the Pushtrusion D-GMT process for comparative trials against GMT sheet.  Once the material has been approved for a particular job, a Pushtrusion D-GMT unit can be transferred to the customer’s facility as a turnkey system, or the customer can continue to purchase custom performs from PlastiComp. PlastiComp provides injection and compression molding services at its Technical Development Center in Winona, Minnesota.