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6/28/2011 | 1 MINUTE READ

Plasan Carbon Composites’ parent acquires pultruder KaZaK Composites Inc.

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Defense and automotive composites specialist Plasan has acquired composites engineering and pultrusion specialist KaZaK Composites, based in Massachusetts.


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Plasan Sasa Ltd. (M.P Merom Hagalil, Israel), the parent company of automotive and defense composites manufacturer Plasan Carbon Composites (Bennington, Vt.), announced on June 28 the acquisition of KaZaK Composites Inc. (Woburn, Mass.), an engineering design and manufacturing company specializing in pultrusion processing. With a reputation for value-added composite engineering, KaZaK produces high-performance composite structures by means of low-cost automated composite manufacturing techniques for a variety of applications, including ship structures, building structures, space systems and numerous commercial applications. KaZaK Composites has ongoing activities with most U.S. Department of Defense agencies, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Missile Defense Agency and DARPA, in addition to many major aerospace and defense contractors. The KaZaK name and facilities will be retained.

Dan Ziv, CEO of Plasan, says, “KaZak is an ideal fit for Plasan. KaZaK Composites’ expertise, knowledge and respect within the industry will enhance Plasan’s large-scale composite manufacturing capabilities. This purchase will bring together KaZaK’s and Plasan’s expertise, with the goal of offering a larger and more integrated range of services in design, engineering and customer support to our defense and automotive customers in the United States.”

The KaZak acquisition is the latest in a series of moves by Plasan to consolidate its position as a manufacturer of composite materials in both automotive and defense applications. Other recent efforts include the launch of a Plasan Carbon Composites sales, research, design and engineering center in Detroit, Mich., that will serve the needs of Plasan’s North American automotive customers; and formation of Armored Chariots LLC, a joint venture with TPI Composites Inc. (Scottsdale, Ariz.). Armored Chariots will manufacture and assemble next-generation crew compartments for U.S. military vehicles at a facility in Warren, R.I.



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