Nuna8 solar-powered composites race car wins South Africa race

The Nuna8 car, featuring resins from Aliancys and built using its composite technology, traveled from Pretoria to Cape Town entirely on solar power.

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The Sasol Solar Challenge South Africa started on September 24, which is an eight-day solar race from Pretoria to Cape Town. The Nuon Solar Team participated with the Nuna8s solar vehicle, an upgraded version the Nuna8 that won the World Solar Challenge Australia in 2016. The team of Delft University of Technology drove a total of 4717 kilometers, breaking the current world record of most kilometers driven in a solar race. The Nuna8s shell was fabricated using Aliancys’ Daron resins optimized for use with TexTreme carbon fiber.

After winning the 2015 World Solar Challenge in Australia, the vehicle was improved for the Sasol Solar Challenge 2016. The changes included the addition of structural elements required for driver safety, and an optimization of motor capabilities to better climb the steep South African mountains.

“Just like Formula 1, the Sasol Solar Challenge is a test environment for the cars of the future,” says Paul Vercoulen, CTO of Aliancys. “By taking part in this race with the Nuna8s, Aliancys adds to its knowledge about the use of our materials. We are very happy about the Nuon Solar Team winning again in this challenging race. They kept their heads cool even when the heat was on. Congratulations to the team for achieving this great result.”