Novotech launches SEAGULL hybrid-electric, composites-intensive aircraft

Novel folding-wing, urban air mobility platform begins work toward certification.


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Novotech s.r.l. SEAGULL folding wing aircraft in water testing

Novotech s.r.l. (Naples, Italy) has announced the launch of its new product, the SEAGULL — the first ultralight aircraft featuring an automated folding wing system, hybrid-electric propulsion and extensive use of composites. (See “Multilayer thermoplastic tapes, AFP and resin infusion for more democratic composites”).

“The SEAGULL represents the first Italian step towards the generation of a new urban air mobility [UAM] environment,” says Dr. Marco Barile, CTO at Novotech. “This new mobility is aimed at promoting communication between people by overcoming the current barriers of public and private transportation, while respecting the environment.”

Starting on February 26th, 2021 in Miseno Lake (Bacoli, Italy), Novotech performed several water tests to verify the static and dynamic stability of the SEAGULL during water operations, as well as maximum speed achievable with pure electric, hybrid-electric and endothermic configurations.

“The SEAGULL program began in January 2018 thanks to partial funding from the Ministry of Economic Development under the Call for Law 808/85,” says Barile. “Novotech is currently testing the aircraft and working to start the certification process.”