Novator wins CSeries composites drilling contract

Novator's Portable Orbital Drilling systems will be used to drill carbon fiber composites/titanium stacks for the wing-to-body join on Bombardier's new CSeries aircraft.

Novator (Stockholm, Sweden) reported on Aug. 23 that it has received an order for its Portable Orbital Drilling systems from Bombardier Aerospace. The units will be used for drilling stacked structures of carbon fiber composites on titanium for the wing-to-body join on Bombardier’s new CSeries aircraft in the production facility in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

“This order is another milestone for us, and we are very happy that Bombardier has chosen us as a supplier of drilling tools for such an important project as the CSeries aircraft and for such an important application as the wing-to-body join” says Hans-Petter Anderson, Novator’s CEO. “This shows that airplane manufacturers see great benefit in using our technology, especially when it comes to difficult-to-drill applications.”

The CSeries commercial airliners are Bombardier’s all-new, single-aisle family of aircraft, designed for the 100- to 149-seat market segment.

Orbital Drilling is a new drilling technique where the cutter is revolving in a mechanically forced eccentric movement while simultaneously rotating around its own axis. In orbital drilling, the thrust force is very low which results in higher hole quality and is one of the factors that facilitates dry drilling. Dry drilling makes coolant obsolete and reduces environmental impact.