NIAR adds NDI capabilities

National Institute for Aviation Research adds digital x-ray and 3-D computed tomography.

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The National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at Wichita State University (Wichita, KS, US) has expanded its capabilities with the addition of several nondestructive inspection (NDI) systems, including an industrial­-scale digital x-ray and 3-D computed tomography system, or x-ray CT.

The x-­ray CT is a multi­source (225/450 kV) and multi­detector comprehensive system used to inspect small and large objects up to 5 ft without sectioning. This inspection system is used to visualize interior features of solid objects, improving processes such as failure analysis, quality control, troubleshooting manufacturing issues, and the inspection of a variety of articles including additive­-manufactured thick metallic structures and fiber fractures in composite laminates.

Computed tomography is a high­-fidelity NDI technique that reconstructs 3-D images of an object, including the internal surfaces and interior details, from numerous micron­-level 2-D digital radiographic projections using smart computer algorithms and high­-performance computing power. Digital radiographic images are generated by 360° rotation of the object on a motorized stage, which is in between a micro­focus x-ray source and a detector. The real­-time evaluation capability of CT with digital radiography increases productivity and eliminates the cost of consumables that are required during traditional x-ray. High-­performance, multi­-threaded computing and novel reconstruction techniques enable production of dynamic volumetric 3-D models that include time and motion (4-D), which allows real­-time inspections of a moving part.

This new capability was made possible through a Defense University Research Instrumentation Program of the Office of Naval Research (ONR).