New U.S. Army shelters in Kuwait built with thermoplastic composites

Axia Materials Corp. provided the interior and exterior thermoplastic composite skins.

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Technology and Supply Management LLC (TaSM), a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business located in Fairfax, Va., has built thermoplastic composite-based energy efficient camps for the U.S. Military in Kuwait. TaSM has completed 72 two-story and 25 single-story shelters under an IDIQ contract to provide the U.S. Army with Tactical Energy Efficient shelters for the Kuwait Energy Efficient Project (KEEP) at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. Axia Materials Co. Ltd., Hwaseong, South Korea, provided the interior and exterior thermoplastic composite skins.

The 72 two-story shelters will house approximately 1,000 soldiers whereas the 25 single story shelters will house up to 180 additional personnel. The design is structurally independent and features two-room segments with a common layout. The shelters are set up without having any structural frames and is connected only by the composite panels. All exterior walls are ASTM E119. Orders for additional KEEP shelters are planned.

“The Energy Efficient Buildings (EEB) developed as a re-locatable kit by the TaSM team will provide the war fighters with a sound, energy efficient tactical housing environment that will save the military hundreds of thousands of dollars on the cost of fuel and energy inputs as a replacement to the standard TEMPER tent over the 15 year warranted life of these shelters,” said William Jonas, president of TaSM.

When the temperature in Kuwait hits 115 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the inside of the buildings without any air conditioning is 78 degrees. “The TaSM design emphasizes function over form, with a focus on the Army’s objective for a safe, energy efficient, easily assembled and disassembled long-lasting shelter,” he said.

“We are so proud of our success in this project as being a selected supplier for this high-end project. We believe our LiteTex thermoplastic composite system will bring new options to building industry with maximizing the energy efficiency, having green property and also achieving economic competitiveness,” said Justin Jin, CEO and president of Axia Materials.