New technologies and markets at World of Filament Winding event

Nov. conference features winding developments with robots, automated fiber placement, additive manufacturing and emerging markets.

Last held in 2005, this conference dedicated to filament winding will be held again Nov 27-28 at the Hôtel des Trois Hiboux in the Parc AstérixPiailly, France. 

The world has changed. Industrial equipment has become more productive — exploiting light-weight design and powerful drives — and also more intelligent, with Internet of Things connectivity, data logging, analysis and machine learning. The market has changed, as well, with an increasing need for energy efficient structures in various structural applications that can and are being fulfilled using composites.

Filament winding is no longer a process merely for niche markets. As discussed in CompositesWorld’s Nov 2018 feature article “Filament winding, reinvented”, this long-historied technology has reinforced its position in this new world of composites technologies and applications.

Aimed to bring together all stakeholders of the filament winding industry, as well as those interested to learn more about its latest developments, World of Filament Winding 2018 will feature a variety of market, technology, materials and process presentations, including:

  • From AFP to FW, or FW to AFP – Alexandre Hamlyn, Coriolis Composites
  • Markets & Applications – Andrew Mafeld, CONNECTRA
  • Filament Winding: Additive Manufacturing of Composites – Geert Nouwen, Plastic Omnium
  • 15 Years of Research and Development of CPV's for H2 storage (including recent papers on 700-bar Type IV tanks) – Stéphane Villalonga, CEA

You can find more information about the event at

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