New ownership poises Refitech for future growth

Refitech to invest more in machining composites, focus on automation and finishing and expand Refitech’s milling capacity.


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Marcel Gillis, new full owner of Refitech BV and previous owner, Arthur Cooijmans.

Marcel Gillis, new full owner of Refitech BV and previous owner, Arthur Cooijmans. Photo Credit: Refitech BV

Carbon fiber specialist Refitech BV (Waalwijk, Netherlands) reports that, as of April 2020, Marcel Gillis has become the full owner of the company. Arthur Cooijmans, who led Refitech together with Marcel in recent years, has stepped down but for the time being will continue to be involved as an advisor for the company.

“When I joined Refitech, it was always my intention to become an entrepreneur. Over the past 10 years, Arthur and I have worked together intensively and carefully towards this new phase for Refitech,” says Marcel Gillis. “I greatly appreciate Arthur's support and trust in handing over the company now.”

According to Marcel, Refitech has developed strongly in recent years, both technically and commercially. In combination with its team, he believes this is a solid base for the company’s future. “The requirements and expectations of our customers are getting higher and higher. For this reason, and to further improve the quality of our products, we are going to focus more on automation for our finishing, we are going to expand our milling capacity and we are going to invest further in building up knowledge in the machining of composites. This way, we can guarantee that everything can be delivered exactly according to specification, both for prototypes and for the series production of carbon fiber parts.”

Marcell notes that this step does not mean that Refitech’s strategy will change substantially. Rather, in the coming years, the company expects to continue to focus on expanding its online sales via Carbonwebshop.com. “In addition, we are working hard to enlarge our partner network, both in Europe and beyond. Refitech's remains strongly committed to the development and manufacture of customized composite products, with the best possible service for existing and new customers.”