New composites products

New products from Web Industries, DuPont, Magnum Venus Plastech, Gurit and Ticona.

CompositesWorld has recently published several new products for composites-related manufacturing applications.

Slit tape education, management, processing guide
Flexible materials converter Web Industries has published an e-book titled, "Composite Slit Tape Processing: A Critical Link in the Aerospace Supply Chain."

Kevlar line extended for hard armor applications
DuPont has launched Kevlar XP for hard armor applications to provide extra protection and extra performance in ballistic protection applications.

Turnkey infusion molding system
Magnum Venus Plastech has introduced the Flex Molding Process, a system that consists of injection systems, accessories and seals designed to optimize infusion with a better control of production.

Wind blade repair system
Gurit has announced the launch of RENUVO, a wind blade repair system that the company says addresses many of the practical issues that have prevented more effective and expedient maintenance programs.

Mineral-filled liquid crystal polymer
Ticona Engineering Polymers has added a new material to its family of inherently flame resistant liquid crystal polymers (LCP) called Vectra T. rex.