Navy adds $1.4 billion to V-22 contract

The Bell Boeing plant in Amarillo, Texas, USA, will build 22 V-22 Ospreys under a $1.4 billion modification to an existing contract.

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The Amarillo Globe-News (Amarillo, Texas, USA) reported on Jan. 1 that the U.S. Navy has awarded Amarillo’s Bell Boeing Joint Program Office a $1.4 billion modification to an existing contract to build 22 V-22 Ospreys.

The report says the contact modification includes fiscal year 2013 funding for 17 MV-22s, the Marine Corps Osprey version, and four CV- 22s for Air Force Special Operations. More than 10 percent of the work will be performed in Amarillo, where workers at Bell Helicopter also assemble utility and attack helicopters for the military. 

The contract modification also provides funding to buy components to build 19 MV-22s and 18 CV-22s in fiscal 2014. Workers at Amarillo’s Bell plant now are building MV-22 Ospreys for the presidential support squadron.

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